• Tuesday 29 May 2018
  • Advanced Specialty Workshop Interventional Radiology - Room : Ziedses B1-120

    Leo Schultze Kool, moderator
    • 14:00
      The confusing types of central conducting lymphatic disorders Highlights on differentiation, treatment and management

      Max Itkin
    • 14:30
      Discussion with attendees and cases review

  • Debates, awareness, consensus and other sclerosing agents

    Jim Reekers, moderator
    • 15:00
      Toxicity of Bleomycin

      Josee Dubois
    • 15:10
      What are your preferences and/or indications for LM and VM

      Pat Burrows, Jim Reekers, Leo Schultze Kool, Josee Dubois
    • 15:40
      Discussion with attendees and cases review
  • [Titel toevoegen]

    Josee Dubois, moderator
    • 16:00
      How to do it: AVM (approach: endovascular, arterial and/or venous side, percutaneous agents, when)

      Patricia Burrows, Wayne Yakes
    • 16:30
      Two cases presentations with the approach

      Patricia Burrows, Wayne Yakes