• Friday 01 June 2018
  • Scientific Session 6: Lymphedema and Lymphatic Malformations

    Moderators: Michael Dellinger & Tony Pennington
    • 08:00
      O072 Lymphoscintigraphic Evaluation of Systemic Tracer Uptake in Patients with Primary Lymphedema and Establishment of an Evidenced-Based Protocol

      Arin Greene, Aladdin Hassanein, David Zurakowski, Frederick Grant, Stephan Voss and Reid Macllellan
    • 08:09
      O073 Proliferative Cells Resembling Mesenchyme Stem Cell-like Pericytes Derived from Kaposiform Hemangendothelioma and Kaposiform Lymphangiomatosis Lesions

      Kathryn Glaser, Peter Dickie, Denise Adams and Belinda Dickie
    • 08:18
      O074 Kaposiform Lymphangiomatosis Caused by a Somatic NRAS Mutation

      Daniel M Balkin, Carol Nelson-Williams, Kristin Shimano, Tippi MacKenzie, Jessica L Davis, William Y Hoffman, Richard P Lifton and Ilona J Frieden
    • 08:25
      O075 Generalized Lymphatic Anomaly Is Caused By Somatic Activating PIK3CA Mutations

      Lara Rodriguez Laguna, Noelia Agra, Gema Gordo Trujillo, Noor Khurana, Devon Hominick, Pablo Lapunzina, Juan Carlos Lopez-Gutierrez, Michael Dellinger and Victor Martinez-Glez
    • 08:32
      O076 Lobular Capillary-Lymphatic Malformation of Subcutis: a Newly Recognized Entity with Distinctive Histological and Clincial Features

      Paula North and Valerie Salato
    • 08:41
      O77 Prenatally diagnosed lymphatic malformations: clinical characteristics and outcomes

      Nancy Wang, Isabelle Chumfong, Lan Vu, Ilona Frieden, Kristina Rosbe and Josephine Czechowicz
    • 08:48
      O078 ADAMTS3 Mutations cause Hennekam Lymphangiectasia-Lymphedema Syndrome 3

      Miikka Vikkula, Pascal Brouillard, Laura Dupont, Raphaël Helaers, Richard Coulie, George E. Tiller, Joseph Peeden and Alain Colige
    • 08:55
      O079 Somatic NRAS mutation in patient with Generalized Lymphatic Anomaly

      Eugenia Manevitz-Mendelson, Gil S. Leichner, Ortal Barel, Inbal Davidi-Avrahami, Limor Strasser Ziv, Eran Eyal, Itai Pessach, Uri Rimon, Aviv Barzilai, Ninette Amariglio, Gideon Rechavi, Karina Yaniv and shoshana Greenberger
    • 09:02
      O080 Kaposiform hemangioendothelioma: clinical features, complications and risk factors for Kasabach-Merritt phenomenon

      Yi Ji, Siyuan Chen and Bo Xiang
    • 09:09
      O081 Dynamic contrast enhanced MR lymphangiography in patients with lymphatic anomalies.

      Maxim Itkin and Gregory Nadolski
    • 09:18
      O082 A feasibility study to demonstrate the use of Near Infrared Fluorescent Lymphatic Imaging (NIRFLI) to diagnose and direct treatment in pediatric patients with lymphatic anomalies

      Rodrick Zvavanjanja, John Rasmussen, Adelaide Hebert, Eva Sevick and Matthew Greives
    • 09:25
      O083 Differences in clinical findings and plasma cytokine profiles between generalized lymphatic anomaly and kaposiform lymphangiomatosis

      Michio Ozeki, Akifumi Nozawa, Norio Kawamoto, Akihiro Fujino, Satoshi Hirakawa and Toshiyuki Fukao
    • 09:34
      O084 Lymphatic malformations treated by venous anastomosis technique based on flow assessment.

      Motoi Kato, Shoji Watanabe and Azusa Watanabe
    • 09:43
      O085 Phase II Study of Sirolimus and Complicated Vascular Anomalies: Long term outcomes in Kaposiform Hemangioendothelioma

      Denise Adams, Cameron Trenor, Kiersten Ricci, Manish Patel, Gulraiz Chaudry, Megan Metcaff, Paula Mobberley-Schuman, Justyna Klajn, Anita Gupta, Carol Chute, Arnold Merrow, roshni dasgupta, Belinda Dickie and Adrienne Hammill
    • 09:52
      O086 A Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Effectively Treat Abdominal Lymphatic Malformations

      Wesley Barry, Donna Nowicki, Minna Wieck, Kathy Schall, Minnelly Luu, Lori Howell, Chadi Zeinati and Dean Anselmo
  • 10:00
    Coffee Break

  • Difficult Cases 4

    Moderators: Jochen Roessler & Adrienne Hammill
    • 10:30
      O087 Generalised Lymphatic Anomaly Treated with Sirolimus and Bevacizumab

      Tamás Budi (Semmelweis University, 2nd Dept. of Paediatrics); Zsuzsa Nagy (Semmelweis University, Budapest); Edit Varga (Semmelweis University, Budapest); György Balázs (Semmelweis University, Budapest); Zoltán Jenovári (Semmelweis University, Budapest)
    • 10:39
      O088 Difficult case of a lymphedema patient with deteriorating venous outflow of lower limbs

      Tamás Budi, Zsuzsa Nagy, Edit Varga, György Balázs and Zoltán Jenovári
    • 10:48
      O089 Case of Multifocal Lymphangioendotheliomatosis with Thrombocytopenia (MLT)…without thrombocytopenia and with minimal cutaneous involvement

      Priya Mahajan, Judith Margolin and Ionela Iacobas
    • 10:57
      O090 Diagnostic and Management Dilemma in a Neonate

      Ionela Iacobas, Priya Mahajan, Sudhen Desai, Judith Margolin, Tara Rosenberg and Sheena Pimpalwar
  • Scientific Session 7: Vascular Malformations Surgery, Interventional Radiology, and Imaging

    Moderators: David Darrow & Patricia Burrows
    • 11:10
      O091 Facial reanimation in patients with flaccid facial paralysis after excision of facial vascular anomalies

      Teresa O, Milton Waner and Ho Yun Chung
    • 11:19
      O092 Three Thousand Sclerotherapy Treatments of Vascular Anomalies with Intralesional Bleomycin Injection

      Tobian Muir, Sri Murugan, Gareth Kessell, Raj Jayaraj, Sheamus Fitzgerald and Rajeev Padmanhaban
    • 11:28
      O093 Operative treatment of lower extremity venous malformations

      Pia Vuola, Jussi Repo, Päivi Salminen, Johanna Aronniemi, Kimmo Lappalainen and Erkki Tukiainen
    • 11:37
      O094 Effectiveness and safety of balloon-assisted sclero-embolotherapy for subcutaneous arteriovenous malformations

      Shigeki Imai and Tomomi Sato
    • 11:44
      O095 Ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer in the treatment of high flow arteriovenous vascular malformations: Long- term results and histology

      Antoinette Gomes, Phillip Monteleone, Alison Vasan , James Sayre and Susan Bukata
    • 11:51
      O096 Ethanol embolization combined or not with surgery and close clinical follow-up can effectively control extracranial arterio-venous malformations (AVMs)

      Jean Nicolas Racicot, Josee Dubois, Patrick Gilbert, Patricia Bortoluzzi, Julie Powell, Alain Danino, Marie-France Giroux and Gilles Soulez
    • 11:55
      O097 Efficacy of flow related color-coded DSA in direct puncture treatment of arteriovenous malformations.

      Kunie Ohuchi, Shiro Onozawa, Yoshiaki Katada, Goro Takada and Rintaro Akimoto
  • 12:05
    Lunch & Poster Viewing

  • 12:30
    Lunch Symposium (company sponsored - non-CME)

    Moderators: Gilles Soulez & Chantal van der Horst
  • Scientific Session 8: Vascular Malformations Potpourri

    Moderators: Gilles Soulez & Chantal van der Hors
    • 13:30
      O098 Hormone Receptors Expression in Microvascular Proliferation of Arteriovenous Malformation

      Amalia Mulia Utami, Onno J. de Boer, Dara R. Pabittei, Claire Mackaaij and Allard C. van der Wal
    • 13:39
      O099 Electrosclerotherapy as a novel treatment option for hypertrophic capillary malformations: proof of concept

      Sophie E.R. Horbach, Albert Wolkerstorfer, Folkert Jolink, Paul R. Bloemen and Chantal M.A.M. van der Horst
    • 13:48
      O100 Bleomycin Electrosclerotherapy (EST); an Exciting Emerging Treatment in the Management of Vascular Malformations

      Tobian Muir, Liam McMorrow, Sri Murugan, Gareth Kessell and Raj Jayaraj
    • 13:57
      O101 Pregnancy in Women with Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome: Report of a Complicated Case and Proposal for Standardized Care

      Max M. Lokhorst, Sophie E.R. Horbach, J.W. Ganzevoort, S. Middeldorp, CE Oduber and C.M.A.M. van der Horst
    • 14:06
      O102 Chitosan-doxycycline hydrogel: An MMP inhibitor/sclerosing embolizing agent as a new approach to treat AVMs and LM.

      Gilles Soulez, Fatemeh Zehtabi, Pompilia Ispas-Szabo, Djahida Djerir, Lojan Sivakumaran, Mircea Alexandru Mateescu and Sophie Lerouge
    • 14:15
      O103 Pre-operative percutaneous n-BCA glue embolization of truncal and extremity venous malformations: technique, safety, and clinical outcomes

      Giridhar Shivaram, Eric Monroe, Rush Chewning, Antoinette Lindberg, Kevin Koo, Randall Bly and Jonathan Perkins
    • 14:22

      Claude Laurian, Veronique Marteau, Claudine Massoni, Pierre Cerceau, Akli Zetchi, Nikos Paraskevas, Emmanuel Houdart and Annouk Bisdorff Bresson
    • 14:29
      O105 In the Age of B-Blockers Is There A Role For Surgery To Manage Infantile Hemangioma in Sensitive Facial Anatomical Regions?

      Jugpal Arneja
    • 14:38
      O106 Comparison of two generation photosensitizers of PsD-007 and HMME photodynamic therapy for treatment of port-wine stain: a retrospective study.

      Gang Ma, Yue Han, Wenxin Yu, Jiafang Zhu, Yajing Qiu, Hui Chen, Yunbo Jin and Lin Xiaoxi
    • 14:47
      O107 Diagnosis and Treatment of Hepatic Venous Malformations

      Wayne Yakes
    • 14:55
      O108 Imaging of Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma

      Yan Epelboym, Frederic Thomas-Chausse, Ahmad Alomari, Cameron Trenor, Denise Adams and Gulraiz Chaudry
  • 15:00
    Coffee Break
  • Difficult Cases 5

    Moderators: Milton Waner & Gresham Richter
    • 15:30
      O109 Management of a massive right lower extremity and buttock venous malformation requiring abdominoperineal resection

      Wesley Barry, Donna Nowicki, Chadi Zeinati, Minnelly Luu, Lori Howell and Dean Anselmo
    • 15:39
      O110 Unclear Diagnosis and Management of A Congenital Nasal Vascular Lesion

      Nancy Bauman, Gina Krakovsky, Phillip Guzzetta, Bhupender Yadav, Albert Oh, Yasmine Kirkorian, Monica Pearl, Christopher Rossi, Bernard Cohen and Amir Dorafshar
    • 15:48
      O111 Transvenous and image-guided embolization techniques combined with surgical reconstruction for difficult AVMS of the head and neck.

      Alejandro Berenstein, Milton Waner, Priya Kesarwani And Teresa O
    • 15:57
      O112 Complex bilateral cervicofacial lymphatic malformation mandibular deformity in pediatric patient

      Tara Rosenberg, Ionela Iacobas, Priya Mahajan, Judith Margolin, Raphael J. Yoo and Sheena Pimpalwar
  • 16:05
    Award Ceremony & Closing

  • 17:00
    Farewell Reception