• Tuesday 29 May 2018
  • 14:00
    Advanced Speciality Workshop on Surgery - Room Vrijzaal

    Surgery Chair: Chantal van der Horst
  • 14:00
    Welcome and introduction

    Chantal van der Horst
  • 14:05
    Update on surgical management of Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome

    Steve Fishman
  • 14:30
    Case based discussion CVLMCase based discussion CVLM

    Panel: Steve Fishman; Dov Goldenberg; Raul Mattass (Chair Chantal van der Horst)
  • 15:00
    Algorithm for LM surgery in the head and neck

    Gresham Richter
  • 15:20
    Case based discussion LM and other head and neck vascular anomalies

    Panel: Gresham Richter; Jon Perkins; Milton Waner; (Chair Tony Penington)
  • 16:00
    My approach to AVM surgery

    Tony Penington
  • 16:15
    My approach to AVM surgery

    James Suen
  • 16:30
    Case based discussion, challenging AVM

    Panel: Tony Penington; James Suen; Arin Greene; (Chair Bas Verhoeven)
  • 17:00